Phosphatising / removing phosphate layers

Product name pH-value   Field of application
Netzmittel UF-NS     Additive for improving of degreasing performance.
FE Tensid     Cleaning amplifier for the first bath.
FE NT     Phosphatising in at low temperature.
FE HD     Phosphatising under high pressure.
FE 6 S/2     Spray phosphatising. Low-sludge. For steel.
FE 7 S/3     Spray phosphatising. Low-sludge. For steel and aluminium.
Nachspülmittel PL     Chromium-free passivation and binding of residual salts.
Entphosphatierungskonzentrat     Concentrate for use in spray applications.
Entphosphatierungsverstärker     Additive for aqueous cleaning baths.
Additiv RGA     Additive for use in spray applications.

Legend - pH value:

    alkaline     mildly alkaline     acid     neutral     mineral


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