Defoamers and surfactant additives

Product name pH-value   Field of application
Netzmittel UF-NS     Non-foaming surfactant additive. Very good cleaning performance. Well demulsifying.
Additiv UF-D     Netzmittel UF-NS with integrated demulsifier. Very well demulsifying.
Additiv 81 TA     Non-foaming, very well demulsifying surfactant additive. Cleaning enhancer. It has a defoaming effect as well.
Additiv VR X 6210     Non-foaming surfactant additive. Very well demulsifying. Designed especially for VRX 6210 and for VRX 6210 MU.
Booster ES-C-50     Surfactant additive. Suitable as an antifoamer and also in cases where a reduction of the surface tension is required.
In principle, the additives can be used if the surfactants are consumed more strongly during the cleaning process and only surfactants have to be added.

Legend - pH value:

    alkaline     mildly alkaline     acid     neutral     mineral


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