Basic cleaning of the cleaning equipment

Product name pH-value   Field of application
Entfettungsbasis RGA     Removal of encrusted oil deposits.
Entphosphatierungskonzentrat     Removal of strongly adherent phosphatic mud.
Entkalker für Edelstahl     Removal of lime deposits.
GLU FL     Additive for increasing of the cleaning capacity in case of a lot of oil and grase.

Legend - pH value:

    alkaline     mildly alkaline     acid     neutral     mineral


About the cleanness of the cleaning equipment

During the cleaning process a different deposits in the cleaning machine tend to appear, primarily in the pipes and heat exchangers. This type of deposits can only be removed by a separate cleaning cycle without being fed with parts. We offer chemical agents designed specially for this purpose.

To get a clear picture of what we are talking about, have a look at the photos before and after a basic cleaning by the Wigol® products. Other comments may be unnecessary.

Before After


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