The VACUDEST equipment could be successfully applied primarily in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, electrical industry and specialised disposal companies from the recycling industry.

The types of waste water, which are successfully processed by the VACUDEST, are listed below. Howewer, the list is not exhaustive, it shows the most common use only.


Oily industrial wastewater

  • Spent cooling lubricant emulsion
  • Release emulsion from die-casting
  • Rinsing water from parts cleaning
  • Penetrant rinsing water
  • Rinsing water from container cleaning

Salty industrial wastewater

  • Rinsing water from plating
  • Rinsing water from vibratory grinding
  • Rinsing water from painting pre-treatment
  • Rinsing water from stainless steel pickling
  • Penetrant rinsing water


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