VACUDEST. The Effective Distillation System.

Vacuum distillation has been established on the market as the most economical method for the processing of a large variety of different industrial wastewaters. It is a viable alternative to the disposal of wastewater with specialized waste management companies or other processing methods. Using our innovative state of the art VACUDEST process you can separate clean water from your wastewater. Thus you reduce the volume of your wastewater and respectively your waste management costs up to 99 percent. The treated water can be recycled to the manufacturing process creating a nearly zero liquid discharge production.

The manufacturer of the VACUDEST equipment is a German company H2O GmbH located in Steinen. They supply their products to more than 45 countries. 30 years of continuous development, patented technology and individual configuration of each device ensures that you will never regret your investment.

Our company Kulstof s.r.o. has been authorised by H2O GmbH for sale and service in the Czech and Slovak region since December 1, 2016. We provide all related activities, from design to customer service and supply of original spare parts and consumables.

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