Liquid cleanser for spray rinsing applications - for aluminium

Product name pH-value   Field of application
VR X 46 NS     Lightening effect. For emulsions. Standard soiling. Almost foam-free. Suitable for aluminium.
VR X 64 NS     For heavier soiling (oils). Very good cleaning performance. Very low foam. Contains silicone defoamer.
VR X 5110     Universally applicable. Good cleaning performance. No silicone defoamer.
VR X 65 MS NS     Suitable for all metals, also suitable for "material mix". For emulsions. Standard soiling. Light oils. Silicate free.
VR X 73 D     Suitable for all metals (incompatibilities with some aluminum alloys). Very well demulsifying. For slightly heavier oils, emulsions, standard soiling. Good cleaning performance. Silicate free.
VR X 74 S     For all metals, also aluminum. Very good cleaning performance. For heavy oils/lighter greases, emulsions, tool cleaning. Contains silicate.

Legend - pH value:

    alkaline     mildly alkaline     acid     neutral     mineral


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