Cleaners for plastic paletts and parts containers

Product name pH-value   Field of application
Kunststoffreiniger MA TA     For light to moderate soiling. When staining on black parts could be problematic.
Kunststoffreiniger 81 TA     For heavy soiling. Especially well defoaming.
Nachspülmittel K-NS     Rinsing agent. Drying aid. Especially low foam. Good outflow effect.
Trocknungshilfe W 25 N     Rinsing agent. Strong outflow effect.
Etikettenlöser CP 50 --   Removal of labels. Manual application or spraying. Not for plastic labels.
Antifoam SDI     Effective defoamer based on polysiloxane. Usable also in the food industry.
Industrieentschäumer     Standard defoamer. Silicone-containing.
Antifoam PSO     The most effective defoamer from our range. Silicone-containing. With water dilutable.

Legend - pH value:

    alkaline     mildly alkaline     acid     neutral     mineral


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