Solvent-based paint strippers

Solvent-based paint strippers contain, in addition to easily biodegradable organic halogen-free solvents, also inorganic accelerators of the paint stripping effect. Their flash point is between approx. 95-165 °C. They are produced with or without a paraffin cover phase (overcoat). Products with paraffin cover phase are not intended for spray and ultrasonic devices, nor for diving devices with forced circulation of the medium (by mixing the bath).

A significant advantage of solvent-based paint strippers is that most of them can be used cold - which means at room temperature - so costly and sometimes technically complicated heating of the bath is not necessary.

Product line: Stripal
Applicable to materials: steel; magnesium, aluminum and zinc alloys; non-ferrous metals
Applicable to paint types: PUR, polyester, 2K-polyester/epoxid, acrylate and KTL (cataphoresis)
Application temperature: depending on the type of the paint stripper and its use, approx. from 25 °C to 150 °C
Concentration at deployment: paint strippers are used exclusively concentrated (without any dilution with water)
  • solvent-based paint strippers can be distilled and used repeatedly using appropriate technical equipment
  • (phosphate) conversion layer on the surface of the material is retained after paint stripping


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